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You probably already know that Blockchain Technology is the main core of cryptocurrencies, including the most popular of all - bitcoin. It was with Bitcoin that we started our adventure with cryptocurrencies - It was 2010. For 11 years we learned how to invest our money so as not to lose it. After that time, a group of friends decided to register a company and share our knowledge with others. This is how alphadigitalbaseco.com was founded.

Our company is a combination of common passion and knowledge gained over the years. Our team includes people who have been investing money for over 15 years. Before discovering cryptocurrencies, they gained their experience in the forex and stock markets.



Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are for us not only a way to earn money - it is our passion. Together, we built our first cryptocurrency mine based on miners built of many graphics cards, and exchanged the mined bitcoins for money and built more miners. Today, cryptocurrency mining is different from what it was 10 years ago - but the goal is the same. Earning money.

Today, we not only mine various types of cryptocurrencies, but also invest them on many exchanges. Some cryptocurrencies have daily fluctuations in the range of 800%. Our proprietary investbots break out such fluctuations and invest our funds in most beneficial crypto at the moment. There are cases that within 2-3 minutes the rate will increase by 20-30%, which with an investment of $ 10,000 gives us $ 3,000 of pure profit.



Office Environment

One of the most important factors influencing the effects of work is a nice atmosphere. Comfortable working conditions, a separate office for each of our brokers, a games room, a restaurant, and a conference room are essential for every company that wants to be counted on the market. We love sport, so we decided to support the cycling team. We hope that the funds we donated will help the players to exceed their limits and that our brand will become more recognizable.


Where is alphadigitalbaseco.com?

You can find our office in London. Our office address is available below. We suggest you make an appointment before your visit, because our office is not generally available due to the coronavirus. Next to it you can see a map of how to get to our office.

Our Office Zip Code is: N1 6TG

If you prefer traditional mail to this address, you can send us a letter.

alphadigitalbaseco.com Registered office address:

19 New North Road, London, United Kingdom,


alphadigitalbaseco.com Office

Work Time:

Our team of experts and brokers is available to you every day:

In all other cases, only Technical Support experts are available.

Working days: Monday to Friday

Working times: 9AM to 5PM


alphadigitalbaseco.com makes money by mining cryptocurrencies and investing money in the most promising cryptocurrencies.

In addition, we invest in every new technology that allows us to effectively and safely earn money for our clients. In this way, we optimize our earnings by minimizing our risk to a minimum.


alphadigitalbaseco.com is a British company that combines mining cryptocurrencies with direct investment in the most beneficial at the moment promising cryptocurrencies as well as newly emerging and rapidly growing ICOs.

We are constantly optimizing our own approach to earning money, combining the tactics of short-term transactions and buying promising technologies in one. This makes our offer so beneficial and safe.


We are a reliable business partner. Our business structure is clear and able to generate high profits for its investors thanks to the use of our experience and our proprietary bots. At the same time, each investment made on our portal by our client is protected by our modern security and encrypted connection for which the Sectigo company is responsible.

The insurance policy we offer additionally increases the credibility and increases the safety of our investors.


TThe basis for the operation of any investment company is the use of up-to-date innovative trading technologies and the support of a qualified team of specialists who earn money for us and our clients.

Our vision is to create a company that allows even a person not related to the cryptocurrency or other financial markets to earn money without any risk.

Our strategy is to mine and invest cryptocurrencies on many available exchanges in order to achieve maximum profits in a short time.

We make a profit both for ourselves and for our investors. Because our platform is available online, from anywhere in the world. Anyone who just wants to get rich can do it with us.

Our interaction with clients takes place on the basis of the investment platform available through the website, through which each registered user will be able to choose an investment plan appropriate for his portfolio.

How investors’ profit is generated

01. Choosing an investment plan

The choice of an investment plan is entirely up to you and how much money you can invest. The investment plans are designed for clients of various sizes of the portfolio. The only rule is the more you invest, the more you earn.

02. Your money is working for you.

After the money is credited to our account, your funds start working immediately for your payment. Our team of specialists places them in the most advantageous offers on the market at the moment.

03. Profit distribution

After the end of the period of the selected investment plan, your funds will be automatically added to your account balance on our platform. You can withdraw funds to your wallet, pre-paid card or reinvest.

The highly efficient crew of traders, analysts and financiers.

Insurance support for all types of an online investment rom alphadigitalbaseco.com.

Innovative technologies for minimizing trading risks from alphadigitalbaseco.com.

Ecotransformation of trading business directions from alphadigitalbaseco.com.

High efficiency of profit generating from an online trading.

Transparency of business activity and competitiveness all offers.

Our Traders Team



Ray Watson

Chief of the trading


Kevin Morley

Major trader

VIP clients manager

Tom Rew

Major trader

futures contracts operator

Gregory Thompson

Major trader

cryptocurrencies market

Nicolas Wilkes

Minor trader

basic operations

Andrew Bewley

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